Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homework Challenge

Kia Ora
Your homework challenge is to fill in all the gaps in Maori
I expect this will be ready to present to the class on Monday
Your challenge is to be able to say this without looking!!
Are you up for it?
Mrs. B

Kia ora koutou katoa - Greetings to you all
Ko ______ taku ingoa - My name is...
Ko ______ taku mama - My mother is...
Ko ______ taku papa - My father is...
No ______ ahau - I am from...
Tekau ma ___ aku tau - I am ___ years old
Ko Whaea/Matua _____
My teacher is...
No te whanau ___ahau
I am from the ___ syndicate
Ko Whaea/Matua ______ te tumuaki o taku toru
______ is the Principal of my school
No reira e te whanau, ka nui te mihi
Therefore, an extended greeting to our school family
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa
Greetings, greetings, greetings to us all

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marist Rugby Club By Lita

Yesterday around miday my family and I went to watch my eldest brother play
in the finals for the Marist Premier Reserves rugby team against Grammar Carlton.
It was a very exciting game to watch with the final score 24/23 to Marist.At the end of the game we all went up to the club room to celerbrate our win.
Long after the game was finished there was the prize giving. As it was my brothers 22nd birthday the whole club room
sang happy-birthday to him! Every-one was cheering him on during the game when he scored a try. Lucky him!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zane's Holiday

In the first weekend in the holidays I went to my grandma's house because my parents
were busy on the weekend. On Sunday we were going to catch a train to downtown
to catch the ferry over to Davenport but the trains weren't running. We had to catch the
bus to mid-town and walk the rest of the way. When we were on the ferry we went upstairs
and outside. The wind was blowing in our faces. The ride to Davenport took about ten
minutes. When we were there we walked around the beach and had our lunches. The
best part about the trip was that we got to have the NEW Kit-Kat's.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last Tuesday afternoon at 4:15pm the school's netball team (The Crushers) had a wicked game of netball against Holy Cross.
Holy Cross is a good and tough team but we managed to win our game with a lot of points on the board! We wre lucky that
the Holy Cross Goal Keep got injured and had to leave. I had no partner marking me in the second quarter
allowing us to get more goals much quicker. But after each goal was scored i couldn't help feeling a little bit guilty!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The best thing about a BYOD class is....

We think the best thing about having a BYOD class will be we get to play around with new apps. We have the opportunity to play with fun things like iPads, laptops, iPhones and iPod touches.
It is a great opportunity for us to get to know the way the devices work. BYOD is a great experience for our class.

This is a very good way of reducing paper and will also mean we don't use as many trees which is better for the environment. We are especially enjoying this learning because it’s fantastic fun in a new way.

A BYOD class is a great idea because it will help us to work together, it is fun and interactive. We love the BYOD class because it is a great way to learn new Internet skills while we are doing fun things. This is an interesting way to learn things because we are co-operating and collaborating.

BYOD class is a great idea because we are having fun and being creative!
We should show our families so they know what we are doing at school.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Rugby Trip – By Emily

Day 1, Time 11.52am
Our journey so far has not been very long because we basically just got in the car. Even though we have not been driving long, we have still had the chance to play a lot of songs. We are not really passing anything exciting. All we are passing now are trees, farms and not many houses.

Day 1, Time 12.32pm
A few minutes ago we were in the Rangiriri Hotel. My sisters and I brought M&Ms and skittles. One of our friends (he and his brother and his Dad came with us), got a green dog out of a claw machine. At this hotel we spend half an hour and bought a plate of chips and we got a raspberry lemonade drink each.

Day 1, Time 1.55pm
We have just arrived in Hamilton! (What a trip!) We found the motel we were staying in and it was beautiful. We had something like a small house with three bedrooms, five small beds and one big, double bed. We had a lot of fun searching around and finding interesting things. Now we are going to the Hamilton Gardens.

Day1, Time 3.55pm
We have just got back from the Hamilton Gardens. I thought it was really fun. There were a lot of different types of plants but some of the trees were bare. My favourite garden was the herb garden because I loved the earthy smell that came from it.

Day 1, Time 10.02pm
We were just at the Waikato vs Taranaki rugby game. It was a brilliant game because Taranaki won! If you haven’t guessed it yet, we were going for Taranaki. They were versing Waikato so the stadium was filled with ringing cowbells. At the end of the game the score was thankfully Taranaki 30, Waikato 23.

Day 2, Time 10:09am
Well last night I think everyone was happy to be in bed. We are on the road again. We are heading to Palmerston North. We are going to have a few stops on the way. They are Taupo pools, and the snow. To me it feels like it is much more crowded in the car. This is probably because the big bags have come from the boot of the car to by our feet.

Day 2, Time 2.20pm
The Taupo pools were really fun. There were two hydro slides and we made the most of our time outside the car. After that we had a long way to travel to Palmerston North. We were going to see the snow but we couldn’t because it was high in the mountains and we expected it to be on the road. We are now driving through a lot of farmland and there aren’t many houses.

Day 2, Time 5.00pm
We arrived at our next motel later in the afternoon. We were so excited to get out of the car. I was in a room with my Dad. My sisters were together in another room and our friends were in a room with their Dad.

Day 3, Time 9.45pm
Last night was great! We watched the New Zealand (All Blacks) vs Fiji on TV. The score was 60-14 and the All Blacks won! Today we are leaving Palmerston North and going to Wellington. I love going to Wellington because the Te Papa Museum is so awesome.

Day 3, Time 4.00pm
The museum was so much fun. We got to see so many different things from the giant squid to the earthquake house. Tonight we are going to the Auckland vs Wellington rugby game. Right now it is raining really hard and I wonder if it will be like this at the game.

Day 4, Time 9.27am
I was right! It was pouring down at the game! It was really cold but still really fun. There weren’t many Auckland supporters and there were quite a lot of Wellington but Auckland still won with 21 points to 17 points. We were very happy to be able to get back to our hotel because we were cold, wet and happy.

Day 4, Time 5,32pm
When we arrived in Napier the first thing we did was go to our hotel and check in. But after that we were told that we were not staying in the hotel. We were staying in a house next to it! We had lots of fun staying there. We went to a Magpie vs Otago rugby game and the score was Magpies 27, Otago 13.

Day 5, Time 10.41am
OH MY GOSH! On our way to Rotorua we stopped on the side of the road to touch the snow because it was snowing! The snow was so soft and very white. We played in it and took pictures of it but the best part was making snowballs.

Day 5, 5.30pm
We have just got to Rotorua after a 7 hour drive from Napier! We had to go round the back way to Rotorua because the main road was blocked by snow.

Day 6, 10.00am
We just went on the gondola, the luge and the chairlift. The gondola was awesome but at the same time horrifying! The luge was really fun. I first went on the scenic one which was the easiest and then went on the intermediate which made me go very fast. The chairlift takes you to the top of the luge. It kept stopping the first time. The second time I went on a different chairlift route which didn’t stop.

Day 6, 11.00am
We are on our way home from Rotorua and soon we will hopefully get to see our families but fingers crossed, this drive won’t be a long one!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jia's Holiday

Last week my family and I went to Silverdale snow planet.
[My sisters and I were skiing only]We had a teacher to teach us skiing,I fell when we went down the hill hehehehe
now i know how to ski
it was very fun you should try it
f.y.I. there is a go kart building before snow planet

Kate's Hoilday

In the hoildays in the first week i went to this hoilday programe called arts on show, we had to do different disciplines like:
Hip-hop, Jazz, Drama, Art and vocals we also did other things for other days of the week like: face painting, team building and theatre sports.
In the second week i was sick but then i got better. Then a few days later we went to a 7 millon dollar house to see some friends and they had a pool a tennis court and 5 dogs
i went in the pool (it also had a water slide in it) i went on the water slide. It was FREEZING!!!!


My Holiday - by Jordan

Week 1 Thursday Brodie , Sam and I went to xtreme bowling in Botany.First we started bowling Sam won that game then we had $30 to spend on games then we had another game of bowling and Sam won again then we went to McDonalds and had dinner.Then we had some extra money on our cards and when we finished dad turned up just as we were getting our prizes.(we earnt this money by painting a part of a house)


Hi All
Welcome back to term 3
EXCITING NEWS ..... this term we are trialling a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Class
This involves you bringing an internet capable device eg.... IPod touch, IPad, Laptop, smart phone, possibly a PSP though I'm not sure how they will work, but we can try.
This is because we will be doing the majority of our work online and through Google Apps, I am hoping to encourage alot more collaboration in our learning as well as to increase our IT skills.
Your device will need to be charged and named.
All communication will now be through either the blog or through email, no more excuses for lost bits of paper!
Your first task is to post a paragraph on the blog about either your holiday or what you are looking forward to this term
I am sure this will be a fun learning adventure!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chris's Holiday Competition

I just had competed a karate competition called the Sugihara cup on the 24th July. It was really hard to get the medals-bronze silver and gold[gold included a trophy and something else for training]. It was held in the North Shore Event Centre. It was a very big event and the competitors came from different countries like China, Japan, Africa and the South Island of New Zealand. When it was the fighting round[Kumite] everyone got their guards. I had a mouthguard, shinguard and mitts. Some people [who were not from my Dojo[a Dojo is where we learn karate, so, let's say the school]] wore head guards and anyway if you hit a competitor on the head, you get disqualified. It was my first karate competition. Even though I didn't get any medals or trophies, I tried my best and my Sensei [teacher] was proud of me