Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chris's Holiday Competition

I just had competed a karate competition called the Sugihara cup on the 24th July. It was really hard to get the medals-bronze silver and gold[gold included a trophy and something else for training]. It was held in the North Shore Event Centre. It was a very big event and the competitors came from different countries like China, Japan, Africa and the South Island of New Zealand. When it was the fighting round[Kumite] everyone got their guards. I had a mouthguard, shinguard and mitts. Some people [who were not from my Dojo[a Dojo is where we learn karate, so, let's say the school]] wore head guards and anyway if you hit a competitor on the head, you get disqualified. It was my first karate competition. Even though I didn't get any medals or trophies, I tried my best and my Sensei [teacher] was proud of me

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  1. Wow, Chris what an amazing experience. I love the way you explained the meanings of the words. I look forward to hearing all about your next competition.