Monday, July 11, 2011

Art Gallery Trip

Another fabulous trip with a great class. I was so proud of all of the room 5 students, you were amazing all day. I really enjoyed the trip to the gallery and I am planning to take my own children there in the holidays and spend a bit more time exploring. My favourite part was definitely the studio work, I loved watching you all create your personal crests and I'm looking forward to seeing them completed and up on our wall.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different kinds of artwork, it was such an inspirational day.
    we all had fun because we didn't have to do any boring school subjects except for maths I like Maths on wednesdays and Fridays
    I hope to go there soon and learn some more and do the library activity we did again it was hard but fun.
    room 5 rox

  2. The library was HUGE

  3. it was wonderful day
    thanks for planning it Mrs B