Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Magic Day

Today was a fabulous day,  we won an iPad from the Yellow Local website. We had to get 250 nominations and we finally accomplished our goal at morning tea. The class exploded with excitement. Now we can't wait to use it. You can still nominate us to win another one, go to: http://auckland.yellowlocal.co.nz/schools and select Ellerslie as your suburb and St Mary's (Ellerslie) as your school. We would love your support.


  1. Ohhhh that is FANTASTIC news! I am soooo excited for you all! (and isn't it exciting that you can share this news on your blog).

  2. once we had gotten the 250 votes the class exploded with excitement everyone was screaming so loudly I had to block my ears.We cant wait till we receive the IPAD and hope to win another one. come on vote for us.
    What a day it was.
    P.S ROOM5 ROX!!!

  3. once we had gotten the 250 nominations everyone in the classroom was screaming it was so loud I had to block my ears.We cant wait to receive the IPAD its going to be AWESOME.
    We would love to win another one so please give us all your support
    P.S. room 5 ROCKS